Last Tuesday, I had an appointment to refresh my haircut, which is based on the style of the character Ramona Flowers from one of my favorite movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

(I haven't yet gone blue. Also no bangs.)

(I haven’t yet gone blue. Also no bangs.)

     In honor of this occasion, I decided to check the original comic book/graphic novel upon which the film was based out from the library. I was excited to try the format because I was largely unfamiliar with it.

     What I’ve been struck with most so far is how word-for-word similar it is to the movie. As a bibliophile accustomed to raging about the liberties taken by film adaptions, I was expecting to find a completely different story. So far, though, that hasn’t been the case. I’ll probably keep reading it, but it will be mainly for the novelty of it, because I’m not getting much more than I already got in terms of plot.

     Considering my obsession with Homestuck, a comic that’s published exclusively online, graphic storytelling seems like something I should probably explore. I also recently attended a session of my teen writing group with a visiting cartoonist and animator, who further intrigued me with the cartoon/graphic novel process.

    However, for now, I’m more interested in the possibility of creating a comic than reading more of them. It seems like a good way to combine two of my primary artistic interests right now, writing and drawing. However, when it comes to my life as a consumer, a part of me prefers to keep my words and pictures separate, in books and movies/TV, respectively. But that’s subject to change.

     Any thoughts on the pros and cons of graphic-assisted storytelling? I’d love to hear them.