Hello, world. Happy Saturday. Today is pretty booked up for me– this morning I had callbacks for my school’s production of a cute rom-com play called Almost, Maine (this is the first show I’ve ever had my heart set on a specific part in. It’s stressful!!), and later I’m going to a big holiday party.

          So, I kind of feel like I’m in the middle of a booknado right now, except without the peaceful eye-of-the-storm part. I have Allegiant (the end of the Divergent trilogy) out from the library, finally, and I have Ned Vizzini’s new book The Other Normals out from my school library, which I’ve had for quite some time, and I’m not really sure when it’s due back. So clearly I should be reading those. But then there are two books that I recently bought, I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella and An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, and those two, especially the latter, just keep calling my name more loudly. Which is causing a lot of stress, because I know my time is limited to read the library ones. I guess I just have this feeling like Allegiant is complex and intense, and The Other Normals kind of is too, while the ones I own are lighthearted, easy realistic fictions, and I’m more in the mood to relax than to sit on the edge of my chair.

            I’ll try to persevere with the library ones, if for no other reason for the sake of reporting to you all about them before they’re taken away.

            If you’ve been following my monologues especially carefully over the months, you’ll know that it’s newsworthy that I’m feeling so positive about a John Green book— not that I haven’t enjoyed his work a lot, but there’s always been that sense that I’m not as 1000% obsessed as the rest of the reader world is. But a friend told me that An Abundance of Katherines was her favorite, and I sense already that I may be inclined to agree. I only have one major beef with it, and that is that I cannot buy for a second that nineteen girls named Katherine would have zero problem with the fact that their boyfriend only dates Katherines, refers to them by number (Katherine IV, Katherine XI), and has dated as many as eighteen of them before her. Why should they believe he likes them for them and not for their name? Huge red flag. But whatever. It’s a really fun book, well written like his stuff always is, and I don’t sense any awful tragedies lurking ahead. Hopefully.

            On a maybe-unrelated note, I’ve been messing with drawing a lot lately. I’ve always called myself “the artistic type” while avoiding sports and suffering through math homework, but for the most part, that’s manifested itself more in writing than in visual art. But I’ve always been partial to drawing people, maybe for the same reason that I like to write. Drawing someone is like creating a character, but it gives you a lot of abilities in that creation that you don’t have in writing, and can convey your vision a lot more efficiently and powerfully (a picture is worth a thousand words). My preferred medium has always been plain old un-colored pencil on paper; it’s very no-fuss and I can focus my energy without worrying about mastering a lot of tools. So I’ve been drawing a lot of people, and more than anything, pushing myself to do different body positions, other than straight-on views of a person standing in rigid mountain pose. And to add another level, being on Tumblr with all the jaw-droppingly talented art that gets posted there makes me want to add my humble attempts to the mix, so I’ve done some ink-outlining (my lines are never dark enough) and scanning. And naturally seeing a drawing in photoshop makes me want to color it, but the tutorial to do anything more than basic unshaded colors seemed to go from a scribble in step 1 to the Mona Lisa in step 2, so… yikes.

            But anyhow, it’s been fun, and I guess if I just keep making tiny advances, I can only improve. Hopefully.

           Notice that I haven’t said anything about the fact that I’m hearing back from my top-choice college in four days. Or actually, you didn’t notice, because you didn’t know. Because I don’t want to talk about it. So I guess that closes that subject. *muffled screaming*

           Is your shelf overloaded? Or are you in a book lull?