Every Tuesday, the site The Broke and the Bookish posts a prompt for a top-ten-style list, and book bloggers around the web respond to it on their blogs. This week the prompt is the top ten things that make my life as a reader and/or as a book blogger easier. Here are my top seven.

1.) My library! I couldn’t read even a fraction of what I do if I had to pay for every book I read, and my library system is recognized as especially excellent. It’s so great to just click a button online and a few days later have the book I want waiting for me on a shelf with my name on a little slip of paper inside. It’s like magic!

2.) My library website’s new “reading history” function. I’m so excited about this! Now the website has an optional feature to record all the books you check out, which means not only can I remember what I read for my own interest, but it will also be very helpful for future Top Ten Tuesday lists.

3.) My mom. Because to finish the theme of the library, she’s the one who usually escorts my books from the library home to me. She’s also very helpful as a second opinion to discuss the things I read with, since she reads most of the books I do.

4.) Back-of-the-book blurbs. Can you imagine if we had to actually start reading a book just to find out what it’s about and get a sense of if we might like it? Actually, yes I can, because sometimes I pick up a book in a store and find that it has no blurb! It’s very annoying and I almost always put it right back down again.

5.) BOOK STANDS. Whoever invented these deserves some sort of award. Mine is from Barnes and Noble and looks like this:

 book stand

It enables me, primarily, to read while I’m eating. I’m not sure how I would do that without it. It can be a little hard to use with paperbacks if you’re at the very beginning or end of the book, but it’s still a great help.

6.) Meals; because, to go along with the previous thing, no matter how much I have to do, you’ve gotta eat, and most things are hard to do while eating. Darn, I guess I’ll just have to read.

7.) Also from Barnes and Noble: the cute bookends I got a few months ago. I only have one small shelving unit in my bedroom, so even though I don’t own that many books (see #1), I was getting rather pressed for space. But now that I have these bookends, the top of my dresser has been converted into a bookshelf. Very convenient and just more evidence of my natural Interior Design brilliance.

8.) Other book bloggers. When I started this blog, I never anticipated how awesome it would be to read other people’s blogs; I’m getting so many great recommendations, not to mention warnings of books to avoid, and it’s really enhancing my reading experience. Now when I go to a library or bookstore, titles I’ve heard about on other blogs pop out at me everywhere, and I feel very in-the-loop.

9.) The Goodreads monthly new-releases e-mail newsletter. It’s easy to find books, but sometimes I feel like reading a “smart” book, with a lot of meaning and really great writing, and those are harder to identify. I find this list always gives me a lot of really great suggestions. A lot of which I still haven’t gotten to. But one day I will. And that leads me to:

10.) My new TBR (to-be-read) list! I used to just let book recommendations float around in my head, or write them down on various little slips of paper around the house. No more! Now I’m keeping every single title I want to read together and organized in one notebook. The list will probably get pretty long, but then I can go around bragging about it, so that works out.